Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dona Barbara Capitulo 93

Dona Barbara Capitulo 93: Gonzalo finally realized that Marisela (Genesis Rodriguez) stealing photos and assault. Meanwhile, Cecilia (Katie barberi) arrived at the hospital the baby nurses, and she will not give an opportunity to Encarnation to insult her. And to Santos (Christian Meier), Barbara (Edith Gonzalez) re-affirmed her love. 

Meanwhile, Santos went to San Fernando, in San Fernando he would look for Marisela. And Maria Nieves (Roberto Manrique) will again be attacked by the Tigre, but he gets the protection of Altagracia. When Genoveva come to Gonzalo's house to ask Marisela, she was thrown out by Gonzalo.

There will be a meeting between Gonzalo and Sapo. While Santos went to Gonzalo's house, where he managed to get the information from the housekeeper, who said Marisela is in a locked room.

Meanwhile, Maria Nieves, who was in the hospital, got a visit from Gervacia and Pajarote (Tiberio Cruz), they there met with Altagracia.

Wanting to know the actual events that have been experienced by Carmelito (Pedro Rendon), Barbara tries to seduce Leon. Meanwhile, Gonzalo who will meet with Sapo, followed by Gregorio and he managed to take a photo session. And Sapo told Gonzalo that he would attack Marisela. While Santos is trying to find Marisela, entered the studio Gonzalo.

That's a synopsis of the telenovela Dona Barbara Capitulo 93, the full story you can see on the television screen. If there is something wrong in this synopsis, I apologize and thank you.

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