Wednesday, September 7, 2011

La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 52

La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 52: After Matias (Jorge Luis Pila) to investigate Gonzalo, then he reported it to Eva (Felicia Mercado), he said that there is nothing strange in the attitude of Gonzalo (Gabriel Porras), but what is conveyed by Matias is not trusted by Eva. Meanwhile, Javier (Miguel Varoni) was told by Andrea that Pilar (Maritza Rodriguez) living together with Gonzalo, it was later confirmed by Ignacia (Catherine Siachoque) before she left.

Then Ignacia find Emilio (Gabriel Valenzuela) injured with blood on his head, she later told this to Hilda (Sofia Lama) and Yolanda, then they come to see it. Meanwhile, Pilar held a meeting with Rosa in her office.

When Javier went to Pilar, he was faced by Dieguito and before they engage a fight, come Gonzalo. Meanwhile, Carola (Ximena Duque) will carry out her intention to attack Adolfo (David Chocarro), then she took the gun and went to the clinic, where she met with Rosa, she attacked her but failed.

Next Pilar asked about Cecilia to Gonzalo, and he said that he did not know it. Meanwhile, Renato (Daniel Lugo) tells about how and why planned by Rebeca (Karla Monroig) to Nibaldo. And Carola who has made a mess in the clinic, was detained by police.

To find out more clearly the story of telenovela La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 52, you can watch it on TV. Thank you for listening to this synopsis, and sorry if there is something wrong.

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