Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dos Hogares Capitulo 52

Dos Hogares Capitulo 52: The man was attacked Ricardo (Sergio Goyri), but the opportunity was utilized by Patricia (Olivia Collins) to demonstrate to Ricardo, that Angelica (Anahi) is not a good woman. Meanwhile, Cristobal (Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo), Eleazar (Carlos Bonavides) and Diane (Ana Bekoa) plans to see an apartment, told Cris he says the best place to live.

And diversion Cristobal discussed by Oscar (Pablo Magallanes) and Refugio (Laura Leon), then he says that marriage is for life.

When Flor (Erika Garcia) and Santiago (Carlos Ponce) saw an apartment for rent, Cristobal was also staying in the building and they met him. Meanwhile, Adela (Claudia Alvarez) arrived in Mexico, she is the nephew of Queta (Maribel Fernandez). And her return to Mexico is to meet with Santiago, but she became disappointed when told that Santiago had died.

Will she meet with Santiago who is actually still alive? Watch the telenovela Dos Hogares Capitulo 52 on the television screen. Sorry if there is something wrong and thanks for listening to this synopsis.

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