Tuesday, September 6, 2011

La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 27

La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 27: Wanting to meet with Mercedes, Ernesto and then look for it. When he managed to find a Mercedes, he saw she was with Esteban, he thought he was her boyfriend. Puzzled, he finally went. Meanwhile, Federico met Rogelio, to whom he said he swore in the name of his daughter's life, you will be damned for having opposed it, and Rogelio looked at with great challenges.

To Bruno, Rosaura says that Margarito told me that Ana Paula had been arguing with a man who is strong, it looks like he is the father Vanesa, Federico Galvan. Meanwhile, Gustavo, who wants to forget Ana Paula, go to the beach where he began to fall in love with Ana Paula, he felt that there could he forget Ana Paula.

In one single event on the wedding, Rogelio like to thank all those who have been willing to share important moments with them, and in front of everyone he said to Ana Paula that he loves. Meanwhile, weeping Vanesa said to her father that she did not know what to do, but she vowed that Rogelio would apologize for all he has done to her.

Such a synopsis of the telenovela La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 27, saw on the television screen to know the full story. Thank you for listening to this synopsis, sorry if there is something wrong.

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