Wednesday, September 7, 2011

La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 51

La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 51: When Rebeca (Karla Monroig) arrived at the place she hid Renato (Daniel Lugo), she was asked by Renato to hold a press conference to introduce Gonzalo (Gabriel Porras) as the sole heir to the Conde family. Meanwhile, Mabel went to see Igor Mora.
Igor then taken by Emilio (Gabriel Valenzuela) and Carola (Ximena Duque) to Conde's house, where Igor said to Emilio and Carola, that Ivan is his son. Igor arrival at home makes Eva (Felicia Mercado) to be very impressed.

To Matias (Jorge Luis Pila), Javier (Miguel Varoni) asks to find a private detective to be assigned to follow the Pillar (Maritza Rodriguez). While Eva was told by Emilio that Adolfo (David Chocarro) and Leonardo was the son of Igor. Meanwhile, Gonzalo will do anything to increase the value of the stock, it is said to Rebeca.

Conde company will partner with an international hotel, it is said by Gonzalo at a news conference. Meanwhile, Ignacia (Catherine Siachoque) became very angry when she learned that the Pilar live together with Gonzalo. While Emilio has been attacked by someone who has lost his money.

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