Saturday, September 10, 2011

La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 54

La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 54: Loss of vision Emilio (Gabriel Valenzuela), has been known by Hilda (Sofia Lama) and Eva (Felicia Mercado). But doctors do not know the extent of the damage, whether temporary or permanent. Meanwhile, Carola (Ximena Duque) to pay its debts, so she borrowed money amounting to 15 thousand dollars to Adolfo (David Chocarro). Adolfo would lend to Carola the condition that she bring back Igor (Henry Sakka).

Emilio, who was in the hospital, got a visit from Renato (Daniel Lugo). Meanwhile, Pilar (Maritza Rodriguez) met Javier (Miguel Varoni) and said that she had spoken with Ignacia (Siachoque Catherine), his lover. Meanwhile, Hilda met Rosa and Adolfo, then she asked him to attack Igor.

Finally Matias (Jorge Luis Pila) admitted to Rebeca (Karla Monroig) that he loved her. Meanwhile, Gonzalo (Gabriel Porras) attack Javier, this was done because he felt he had harmed, and also because he had leaked farewell. And Yolanda (Vivian Ruiz) finally find out if Renato is still alive, this is the case when she met with Nibaldo (Hector Fuentes) who are taking the letters in the hotel along with Renato.

Such a synopsis of the telenovela La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 54, witnessed the full story on the television screen. Thank you for listening to this synopsis and sorry if there is something wrong.

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