Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dos Hogares Capitulo 51

Dos Hogares Capitulo 51: In an empty house in Queretaro, Cristobal (Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo) are thought to take revenge against Mara (Marisol Santacruz) because she had left it. Meanwhile, Yolanda (Joanna Benedek) feel extremely irritated with Dario (Victor Noriega) who has brought Pamela (Maya Mishalska). And Angelica (Anahi), she met Karina and Jennifer (Malillany Marin), they both asked about Santiago (Carlos Ponce), and Angelica said that she did not know anything, then she left them and she met a man.

To Baldomero (Marco Uriel), Refugio (Laura Leon) said that she did not love him, and when they leave home Cristobal, Baldomero left. Meanwhile, Santiago wants to stay there to wait for Angelica, it says to Flor (Erika Garcia). While Yolanda, she and Patricia began to implement their plan to trap Angelica, then Ricardo (Sergio Goyri) were heading there.

What then would be experienced by Angelica? Does the plan Yolanda and Patricia will work? To find out more clearly the story telenovela Dos Hogares Capitulo 51, you can watch it on TV. Thank you for listening to this synopsis, sorry if there is something wrong.

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